I have been going to Back In Action regularly for 20 years this month.
Kyle Moran has changed my life!
I had chronic low back and leg pain for years. Seeing Dr. Moran 1 to 2 times per month allows me to live pain free and enjoy a wide range of activities from golf to walking 4 miles 5 plus times a week!
In addition to Dr. Moran’s medical care being outstanding his office staff is very helpful setting appointments and maintaining a very timely patient visit.
I generally never wait more than 5 minutes.
If you are experiencing any neck, arm, back or leg pain I strongly suggest you schedule an appointment to be evaluated by Dr. Moran!
His staff of massage therapists are all very good as well.

– Ts Carter

Dr. Moran is the best chiropractor I have found in Richmond. I always leave feeling much better than when I come in. He has kept me together during 2 pregnancies and the post partum body mayhem that follows. God bless you Dr. Moran!

– Sandy Zia

The chiropractor/Owner did a wonderful job, but I am hesitant to come back due to the fact how uncomfortable the Reception made me. He even forgot to send my paperwork to my insurance. I thought it was a fluke, but I had also been booked on someone else’s appointment slot my first time in. I am afraid it may be a reoccurring thing with their reception.

– Breeanna Bowen

Kyle is a friend and i am a patient of his. People can be hesitant to work with friends, but the patient client relationship between Kyle and I has been professional and curteous. He is growing a great practice, working hard, and building a holistic element that has been helpful to compliment the other health regimens my family is working towards in our lives personally.

– Brenden flora